Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Keys Made Near Me- Top Places Where You Will find Keys Maker Around You

Lost your key ? or else your key has been stolen ? What to do next ?

How and where can I get keys made near me?

Take a ling breathe, Don’t worry we have solution for it, whether you need a key made for a home, car, business, wardrobe or anything else. We have researched all national major regional places where you can get key made near you. Hope you will get an idea about to make a key by reading this article.


Keep things in Mind when getting key made or copied

The price of that key will vary depend on location and depend on which key has to be copied
How much does it cost to copy a key? Each location listed offers unique keys which means the prices will vary per store, or locksmith, per key selection. Generally For your basic door or car key, you can expect to pay $1.5-$2.5 for the key duplication. Locksmiths have a wide selection for you to choose from ranging anywhere from $2.50-$5. Most of listed stores carry a wide variety of customized keys which will range $2.5-$7. The price of the key will just vary depending on whatever style you select and what type of material you select. It’s different for each individual key selection you make. You must buy a key from the location that will do the cutting. Because stores don’t charge for cutting the key (store make the money off selling the key and cut it as a compliment for you)

Most stores will not copy a “Do Not Duplicate” key – If you have a key that clearly states “Do Not Duplicate” on it, then you will have a difficult time finding a place that will copy it for you. The stores listed in this article will not copy a key that has “Do Not Duplicate” on it unless you have the proper authority to get it copied. If you have a key that says this then you will have to contact the persons you got it from to buy another copy from them.

If you have a new model of car, you may not be able to get a key copied – Some newer model cars come with keys that are only able to be copied at that cars dealerships. The stores in this list can duplicate most car keys. Though with some newer model cars you must go through a dealership.

Top places where you can find Keys Made near Me (You)

Below mentioned list show you where you will find good keys maker around you having following facility.

Types of Keys Available in the stores

  • Brass or Standard keys
  • Custom design keys
  • Car keys
  • House keys
  • Apartment keys

Ace Hardware

The Home Depot

Lowe’s home Improvement



Fred Meyer


This store built all types of high performance keys

Orchard Supply Hardware

Safe Way

Keys Made Near Local Hardware Store

Most towns, no matter how small, have a local hardware store. If you cannot make it to any of the stores mentioned above, then maybe you have a local hardware store at your disposal. Local hardware stores are typically a place where you can go to get a key made or copied. If you do have a hardware store in your town, contact them and let them know that you are in need of having a key made or copied. They should be able to take care of your needs and save you some hassle.

If you looking for car keys - Automotive Stores

If you are in need of a copy of your car key, then you can try almost all of your local automotive stores. Most automotive stores come equipped with the tools to copy your car keys and program a new keypad. In some cases, depending on how new your car is, you may only be able to get a copy at your dealership. Contact your local automotive stores to find out if they can get you a copy of your car key. These are a few nationwide automotive stores you can get a car key made or copied:
  • AutoZone Auto Parts
  • Advanced Auto Parts
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • Pep Boys
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts

Keys made Near You by finding best Locksmith

You can always try a locksmith in your area. A locksmith is a person who works on locks. Locksmiths are typically available in every town or city. If you have a local locksmith, contact them and let them know that you are needing to have a key made or copied. Your local locksmith will be able to take care of all of your key copying or making needs.

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